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Pavement ants.

German roaches fed on candy in a desk drawer.

Paper wasp nest taken from a BBQ.

Bald faced hornet nest in the eve of a shed/playhouse.

Skunk hole under home in a crawl space.


Bed bug droppings in a picture frame.

Bed bug droppings behind an outlet cover.

Subterrainian termite mud tube on main beam support pier.

German cockroach fecal focal point.

Bald faced hornet nest under the counterweight of a fire escape.

Bed bug droppings behind outlet cover.

Cicada killer nest.

Subterrainian termite mud tube/ shelter tube on sun porch.

Odorous house ants trailing from outside going in home under siding.

Odorous house ants in outlet caused GFI outlet to spark, smoke, and become disabled.

Squirrel damage over gutter not visible from the ground.

Squirrel damage to Romex wiring.

German cock roach and nymph.

Bald faced hornet nest on soffit.

Droppings in attic insulation.

Bald faced hornet nest under storage shed roof.

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